Certified / Coded Welding Services

Reimann Manufacturing Pty Ltd understands the need to supply a quality product to its clients and is dedicated to do so. As an indicator of our commitment we have developed a series of internal operations to manage our product quality with regard to welding.

Our welding operations are controlled by:

  • Having material control and traceability procedures that ensure the right material is used on each job.
  • A range of qualified welding procedures to various Australian standards which our operators are qualified to implement.
  • Using an Inspection and Test Plan for our projects to ensure that they are adequately managed.
  • The production of a Manufacturer’s Data Report for each project that includes all of the aforementioned documentation, as well as, any additional information required by client. These specifications are collated and forwarded to the client with their project, as verification of the product quality.
  • The use of independent Qualified Welding Inspectors for critical operations to verify that the operation has been performed correctly.
  • The use of third party Non destructive testing companies for a range of processes depending on the scope of work set out by the client.

Reimann Manufacturing Pty Ltd is committed to providing a quality product which is delivered within time and budget constraints.

Pressure Vessel Design & Fabrication

Since starting a pressure vessel division in the company in 2001 it continues to grow, having now made well over a 2000 various vessels for a number of clients.

Pipe Spooling

At Reimann manufacturing we do a great range of pipe spooling for a number of applications whether it be coolant lines for gen-set’s in remote Australia or high pressure steam or gas lines for a plant, as well as many other various piping for a massive range of applications.

Very much in line with other divisions in our company depending on your scope of works we have the capabilities to.