Back Fill & Bedding Boxes

Patent Number: 2014100921

Trenches are required for various construction purposes such as the installation or repair of underground services. Generally, a trench is often dug along a line and at a depth where the service is to be installed or to expose an existing service to enable repair or maintenance.

Generally, on digging of the trench, material that has been excavated from the trench is deposited on each side parallel to the trench. Once the service has been installed or repaired, the trench is required to be backfilled with either the excavated material or additional material.

Backfilling a trench can be accomplished a number of ways but is often a particularly laborious operation. For example, a trench may be backfilled by hand but this can be both time consuming and labor intensive. Further, backfilling a trench by hand, particularly deep trenches, can pose significant risks to safety. The most common hazard being the threat of the walls of the trench collapsing and caving in on those working within the trench.

Controlling the volume and spread of material within the trench can also be problematic. If an excessive or insufficient volume of material is returned to the trench or the returned material is not leveled within the trench, this can result in an uneven surface between the filled trench and the surrounding ground level. Leveling either by hand or employing levelers can assist to ensure an even spread but is again an additional and laborious task.